Preview - An Unnamed Piece

Just tossing in an update on another piece I've been working on.  Not sure when it's going to get finished but it will.  I'll probably find a name for it.  Unless you got any cool ideas.

Sketching and Thangs

Through out most of my life I've been keeping a sketch book around just to pass the time and ignore people. Most of the time that fails to work because one of them will catch a glimpse of what I'm doing and start asking me questions I'd rather not answer.

Test of Future Projects

Click on the image to Zoom into the detail.  Don't forget to play
with the controls at the bottom once it's open.
I recently started experimenting with this program on my computer.    I apologize in advance for the blury resolution but I'm working on getting a camera that will allow me to take pictures of the works that did not get stolen in a higher resolution.