Bio Mechanical Mask

I was attempting my hand at combing my art style with organic objects.  I think it came out alright.  Perhaps I should do more of these in the future.

Photograph • Photoshop • ©2017 The Dark Mammal

Lord Daigen Portrait

His gaze is full of hatred.  His blood is full of destruction.  His mind is full of death.
Photoshop -  ©2017 The Dark Mammal

The Circus of Eternity

When I was in 1st Grade I was asked to draw something for my very first Art Show.  I grabbed my crayons and I concentrated on making a Circus Train.   I can't even remember what was on it.  I remember some clowns, and that I had to use the box of a crayon to make the carts.  I spent hours working on that peace.  I won ended up winning First Place at the local fair.  I lost that piece a long time ago.  I decided to recreate the scene again now that I'm older.  Only this time I added a new friend.
Photoshop   ©TheDarkMammal  2017

The Cold Wind

The world is a cold place.  It seems to want to drown you in misery.  But you have to stand against the cold wind and become humble in your resilience. 
Photoshop  ©2017 The Dark Mammal

Warmth in a Cold Dark Place

I wanted to express how I felt at the time I drew this.
 It's the feeling you get when you feel cold and alone and nobody loves you and still there's a small thing that keeps you going.
Photoshop   ©2017  The Dark Mammal

This Guy

I'm not really sure what the deal is with this guy.  He was just a quick marker piece I
did to fill up my portfolio.  I ended up liking him and kept it.
Ink, Prisma Markers   ©2017 The Dark Mammal

Falling Rubber Ducky

Part of a story board I was working on for an animation that never got created.
I still liked these drawing so I kept a few of them.
Photoshop ©2017 The Dark Mammal


There's only one solution to this problem.
©2017 The Dark Mammal

Stuck Rubber Duck

The Duck is stuck and is out of Luck.
Photoshop  ©TheDarkMammal 2017


You can't tell this monkey nothing.  He's so smart he could probably tell you how to start up a particle accelerator then cheat you out of 50 bucks.  He's seen it and done it all.  
Photoshop  The Dark Mammal ©2017

Hip Hop 4 Life

Frank hanging out with his posse.  
Posing for a photo after he escaped from the Zoo for an evening out on the town.    
Photoshop 2017© The Dark Mammal


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